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About Thompson


Born in Sri-Lanka and raised in Switzerland, Thompson Johnson has had an artistic eye from a very young age…always viewing the world from a unique perspective. He loves creating dimension and texture while adding emotions and movement to the content. Thompson’s work has a way of captivating all of our senses. 


Career progression

After having started off as a Production Assistant and Photographer for Eclumes Studio and Tim Lüedin in Switzerland, Thompson gradually built his career and made his way to becoming the Art Director for Directors like Damien Krisl around Europe for worldwide TVC and Joel Cartier in Switzerland and middle East.


He was able to gain his hands-on training by working as the 1st Assistant and Pitch Production Artist for BMW. He also worked for Bucherer, as well as for MTV doing commercials in pre-/post-production and still/moving images. Many of his pitches were selected, including the award-winning commercials for Alfa Romeo and Lexus.


An in-depth knowledge in audio and visual communication gained him apt recognition in an array of projects with renowned leading brands including: NIVEA, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Jean Paul Gaultier. 



Thompson specializes in accurately depicting the ideas, notions and motives of each one of his Directors/Clients and then producing their vision by directing and piloting the process in a smooth and sophisticated fashion. He has the ability to then enhance the original vision and aesthetics in order to catapult the audience to a different realm where they can now feel, see, hear and even taste the artwork. His poetic and innovative approach have shown to be successful in winning pitches. Thompson’s calm, focused and witty personality have, time and again proven to help the production team stay devoted to and enjoy the project…from start to finish.

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